Window into the soul

You’re invited to the party.

We make drinks for everyone. Inspired by the sunny aperitivo culture of the Mediterranean, GHIA’s spirits-free social tonic is meant to be sipped and shared with friends. We’re for those blissful days that turn into legendary nights — for those conversations that go until dawn (you know the ones).

To keep the party going, we tossed the alcohol and kept the magic. GHIA is packed with pure, natural extracts. Potent plants. Heady Herbals. Blissful Botanicals. Everything inside our bottle was created to soothe and stimulate, and with each glass we promise to kick up the energy and calm down the mind.

We set out to make something different. Something to sip and share with friends. Something that everyone could enjoy, together. So let’s make a toast to YOU — and to a new kind of nightlife where we ditch the stress and stir the senses.