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  • Product

    What's inside? +

    We're tastefully transparent. Ghia’s glass bottle is crystal clear for a reason. We’ve got nothing to hide. Each glass contains potent extracts of the finest botanical ingredients carefully-sourced from around the globe. Our star ingredients are nervines, the medicinal plants used for centuries to slow stress and bring on energy. These herbs, fruits, and roots work together to boost and balance. Ghia keeps you calm, enhances your appetite, and soothes the soul. Nourishing nervines, fragrant florals, bright citrus, each glass of Ghia tastes good and feels even better. 

    There's really no alcohol? +

    Nope. There’s really no alcohol. Nothing to numb the night. Or daze the day. Instead, our natural ingredients work together to chill you out and pick you up. Ghia wants you to feel good.

    How much sugar does Ghia contain? +

    No sugar added. Ghia is not a switch from alcohol to sugar high. Only natural ingredients and plants in your drink. Ghia contains 3g of naturally occuring sugars per serving.

    How do I drink Ghia? +

    In a pretty glass. Ghia can be sipped on its own for those who appreciate the bitter things or used as a mixer for a spritz or cocktail for those who want to shake things up. Our Recipe Book might help your mind unwind. 

    Who can drink Ghia? +

    The only labels we use are for our bottles. Ghia was designed to be safe for everyone. However we recommend always checking with your doctor before consuming if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, looking to conceive, taking any medication or have a medical condition. 

    Do I need to refrigerate my bottle? How long does it keep once opened? +

    Just like an apéritivo, Ghia can be kept on your bar cart. Once opened, good to consume within 3 to 4 weeks. Refrigeration is not required, but we do recommend for the longest lasting bottle. If you have an unopened Ghia you can display it in a cool dry place for up to 6 months from the date listed on the bottle.

    I don't like the taste of Ghia, can I send it back? +

    Let's get it right. If anything doesn’t feel just right, please contact or text us at 707-TXT-GHIA. 

  • Stockists

    Where can I find you? +

    Shop Ghia right here and enjoy at home. Can't wait for shipping? We understand - check out our stockists for a bottle or cocktail in your neighborhood. If there is somewhere you'd like to see Ghia let us know and we'll reach out! 

    I have a special event coming up, how do I make a special order? Can I rent your bar cart? +

    Ooh, exciting! Whether you have a big birthday party coming up, a business event or a wedding, shoot us an email at so we can make these celebrations extra special for you. 

  • Orders, Shipping, Returns

    Where do you ship? +

    We ship throughout the United States. 

    We are working hard to bring Ghia to other countries. Everyone deserves to get in on the fun!

  • Sustainability

    What is your packaging made of? +

    Our packaging uses only biodegradable or recyclable materials including our shippers that are made from 70% recycled content and water-based biodegradable inks. We like to upcycle our glass bottles and toppers to make iced tea. 

    Caring for the planet is just as important to us as caring for our customers. We try our best to source the most sustainable materials. We’re always listening to your feedback, send us a text at 707-TXT-GHIA.

  • For Fun

    Do you have any promos right now? +

    We have many thoughts about Dry January (read them here!) but one of our resolutions for the year is to make Ghia more affordable to our big sippers. All month January long, our 6-packs are $150, a $48 savings, with the code “DRYISH”.

    Who can I turn to if I have more questions? +

    Ask us anything. Tell us everything. No question goes unanswered. or text us 707-TXT-GHIA

  • Subscriptions

    How does this work? How often can my Ghia be delivered via subscription? +

    Select your subscription of choice, starting with quantity. Choose from 2 bottles, 6-pack, or 12-pack delivered to your door every other week, every month, or every other month. We’ve got options! Add a little more or a little less as you see fit.

    What if I want to change quantity or frequency of my subscription? +

    We’re flexible. To start, log in to your Ghia account or create one here. Click on “My Account” on the bottom of the right hand menu. Click on “Manage Subscriptions” under your Order History. The rest is up to you.

    It’s asking me to create an account, but I don’t have an account. +

    That’s ok! To manage your subscriptions, just create an account with the email address you used to check out. Your past orders and subscriptions will automatically populate in the “My Account” section.

    I’m going out of town, can I pause my subscription while I’m away? +

    Have fun! If you want to send your Ghia to your vacation destination you can do that too. To press pause or make edits you can manage your subscription anytime here.

    Can I cancel? +

    Yes! We’ve all gotten a little trigger happy online shopping. If you need to cancel your subscription, Log in to your Ghia account and select “Manage Subscriptions” under “My Account”.

    What if I want to change the quantity or frequency of my subscription? +

    We’re flexible. To start, log in to your Ghia account or create one here. Click on “My Account” on the bottom of the right hand menu. Click on “Manage Subscriptions” under your Order History. The rest is up to you.

    Can I gift a subscription? +

    Gift away! Just make sure to let your loved one know they’ll need to create a Ghia account to manage their subscription (or else you call the shots). Looking for gift cards? Ghia gift cards are here too.