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  • Product

    What's inside? +

    We're tastefully transparent. Ghia’s glass bottle is crystal clear for a reason. We’ve got nothing to hide. Each glass contains potent extracts of the finest botanical ingredients, always mindfully sourced. Ghia keeps you calm, enhances your appetite, and soothes the soul. Nourishing nervines, fragrant florals, bright citrus, each glass of Ghia tastes good and feels even better.

    There's really no alcohol? +

    Nope. There’s really no alcohol. Nothing to numb the night. Or daze the day. Instead, our natural ingredients work together to chill you out and pick you up. Ghia wants you to feel good.

    How should I drink Ghia? +

    In a pretty glass. The Apéritif (read: the bottle) is a concentrate that needs to be mixed — our go-to is 1 part Ghia, 3 parts bubbles of choice, but our recipe book has more than 25 delicious recipes to help you sip. Our Spritzes are ready-to-sip and best enjoyed chilled straight from the can, or on ice. Drizzle Ghianduja on anything you're craving or by the spoonful.

    Do I need to refrigerate my bottle? How long does it keep once opened? +

    Just like an aperitivo, Ghia can be kept on your bar cart. Once opened, it's good to consume within 3 weeks. Refrigeration is not required, but we do prefer it for the longest-lasting taste! If you have an unopened Ghia, you can display it in a cool dry place and consume it by the Best By the date listed on the bottle.

    I don't like the taste of Ghia, can I send it back? +

    If anything doesn’t feel just right, please contact we'll do our best to help.

  • Stockists

    Where can I find you? +

    Shop Ghia right here on our site, or on Amazon. Can't wait for shipping? We understand - check out our stockist map for a bottle or cocktail in your neighborhood. If there is somewhere you'd like to see Ghia let us know and we'll reach out to your favorite local shop.

    I have a special event coming up, how do I make a special order? Can I rent your bar cart? +

    We love to party. Whether you have a big birthday coming up, a business event or a wedding, shoot us an email at so we can make these celebrations extra special for you.

    I want to sell Ghia in my store. Who is your distributor? +

    We'd love to work with you! That answer depends on where your store is. We're happy to connect you with our wholesale team to help — just email us at

  • Orders, Shipping, Returns

    Where do you ship? +

    We ship to all 50 states of the United States. For everyone outside the US, you can shop Ghia in over 57 countries through Mayple - not all products might be available outside of the US quite yet, but we are working hard to bring all of Ghia to even more countries online and offline so everyone can join in on the fun.

    If you don't see what you want, email us at and we'll try to make it happen.

    My order is delayed, what should I do? +

    We're always keeping an eye on your order ever after it leaves our warehouse. If your order hasn't moved in a few days, we'll reach out to the carrier handling your order and keep you updated throughout the process. If you haven't heard from us in a while, please feel free to reach out: You can always keep track of your order here

  • Sustainability

    What is your packaging made of? +

    Everything we design, we design with Mother Earth in mind.

    Aside from the mandatory cap seals on Apéritif bottles, none of our products use any single-use plastic. Our exposed aluminum design on Le Spritz cans ensures every single can get triaged and recycled properly. We use 100% paper and biodegradable inks and our bottles can be upcycled.

    As of Spring 2023, we also revamped our packaging to not use any virgin material or bleach - all of our boxes are now 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, and 100% beautiful.

    Because we’re here for a good time and a long time.

  • For Fun

    Who can I turn to if I have more questions? +

    Ask us anything. Tell us everything. No question goes unanswered. Email us at

    Where can I find that playlist you posted? +

    Follow us on Spotify! Or email us at to get matched with the perfect playlist.

  • Subscriptions

    How do subscriptions work? +

    Easy! Select Subscribe & Save when adding Ghia to your cart. When signing up, you can choose to get your Ghia delivered every other week, every month, or every other month — but you can change the frequency to your exact preference once subscribed (want your Ghia every 47 days? No problem)! You can also add, remove, and swap products at any time.

    *To make changes, simply create your account by logging in using the same email address*

    Any questions or issues? Email us at

    What if I want to change the quantity or frequency of my subscription? +

    We’re flexible. To start, log in to your Ghia account (if you didn't create an account when signing up, no worries! You can create an account anytime using the same email you used at checkout). If you have any questions, just let us know at Once you're in, select “My Account” on the bottom of the right-hand menu. Then, select “Manage Subscriptions” under your Order History and the rest is up to you!

    I’m going out of town, can I pause my subscription while I’m away? +

    Have fun! To press pause or make edits, head to your account here or send us a text at (844) TXT-GHIA. We'll always send you a notification 3 days before your next shipment via text to remind you to adjust if needed.

    P.s. If you want to send your Ghia to your vacation destination you can do that too. 

    Can I cancel? +

    Of course! If you need to cancel your subscription, log in to your Ghia account and select “Manage Subscriptions” under “My Account". There, you'll find an option to cancel.