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Come work with us

At Ghia, our constant focus is centered around creating new ways to drink, gather, and think.

We’re a hospitality company, first and foremost, and we’re dedicated to our team, our customers, our friends, and their friends.

We celebrate + value a diversity of opinions + backgrounds; we never settle for good enough; and we always try and see the glass half full.

Our Core Values


    Never underestimate the details. Your satisfaction is above all else.


    We think fast and drink slow; Our wheels are never-not turning for an always-changing environment.

  • Inclusive

    We value a diversity of perspectives, opinions, people and places. We’re the party that *everyone* is invited to.


    We are here to contribute and help push our community forward.


    The glass is always half full. We place value in the unknown, seek adventure, and allow room for growth.

Open Positions

  • Senior Brand Designer / Creative Lead Los Angeles Apply Now
  • Graphic Design Intern Los Angeles Apply Now
  • CX & Community Manager Los Angeles Apply Now
  • MBA Intern Summer 2022 Los Angeles Apply Now
  • Field Marketing Manager Los Angeles Apply Now
  • Sales Representative Los Angeles / New York Apply Now
  • Warehouse Fulfillment Assistant Los Angeles Apply Now
  • Event Worker LA / NY / SF / ATX / MIA / CHI Apply Now