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  • How do pre-paid subscriptions work? +

    Unlike month-to-month subscriptions, you'll get charged upfront for the total cost of the period (i.e. 3 months or 6 months) and then receive the amount of Ghia you sign up for every month (no extra charges!) It's the perfect set-and-forget situation, plus the most savings we ever offer. Cin-cin.

    Will I get charged again once the period ends? +

    You won't! The extra extra savings are only available through January 2023 (at least for now!), the subscription won't automatically renew by default.

    Can I gift a pre-paid subscription? +

    Of course! Gifting is easy. Just fill out your friends information at checkout! If you want to make it a surprise, use your email and/or phone number and we can change it to your friends' later, no problem - just email us at

    I'm an existing subscriber, can I upgrade it to pre-paid? +

    Of course! Just reach out to us and we can upgrade it in the back end for you - And, if you have any questions we'll gladly help!

Whether you’re big drinkers, sober-ish, or just…sober, Ghia is still something you’ll want to keep around the house. It’s rooty and negroni-adjacent, making it the perfect alc-replacement beverage — or an A+ mixer for a gin cocktail. Plus, the bottle is reminiscent of a vintage perfume bottle or an otherworldly potion, so it’s worth its while as kitchen decor alone.

Ghia found fast fans, earning praise from nondrinkers, the sober-curious, and people who just didn't want another round...

Ghia is an elevated option for mothers-to-be, nondrinkers, or those who just don’t feel like another glass of wine.

Ghia is akin to an Aperol spritz or a fresh-squeezed Greyhound in terms of its "adultness." And frankly, I appreciate that. Who wants a doormat for a drink? Not I!

Thanks to Ghia, aperitivo hour doesn’t need to be boozy.

More bitter than a bad divorce

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