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Apéritif (Non-alcoholic)

Ghia is a non-alcoholic apéritif packed with only pure, natural extracts. Potent plants. Heady herbals. Blithe botanicals. Everything inside our bottle was picked because of its completely natural ability to soothe and to stimulate. Each glass promises to kick up the energy and calm down the mind.

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Really Fancy Pour Spout
Really Pretty Edible Flowers

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Really Fancy Pour Spout
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Really Pretty Edible Flowers
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Added Sugars
  • No Caffeine
  • Vegan
  • Kosher Certified
  • What Exactly is an Apéritif?

    Born on the coasts of France and Italy, the classic Aperitif is a bold combination of botanicals that kickstart the appetite and the conversation. Light and dry, an aperitif is perfect for slow-sipping and fast-talking, a drink that takes friends from sunset to sunrise.

  • Always Spirits Free

    We took out the booze and the fake stuff… but we kept in all the attitude. Our pure ingredients, a biting combination of botanical extracts — no alcohol — are powerful enough to bring out the best version of you without numbing the night (or the next morning).

  • The Power of Nervines

    Our magic ingredient? Potent extracts of natural nervines - herbs known to soothe the mind, bringing the body back from burnout. We’ve spent countless hours mixing and remixing to get the right balance of taste + effect without adding any nasties. You’ll feel the spark and taste the bite.

All of the spirit,
None of the Booze

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